Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hello to you!

I would like to pick your brains for a may take more than a minute but not more than five :o)

I want to discuss stitch markers:

1. Do you use stitch markers?
If you do, please go onto question 2.

2. Do you like them to be able to fit all sizes of needles?
3. What attracts you to a stitch marker?
4. Do you like to buy markers in sets?
5. Does it matter to you if your markers match?
6. Would you find it fun to root through a bin of mix and match markers to buy ones that appealed to you, even if they did not match?
7. If you could buy a set of stitch markers that was also a piece of jewlery (such as a charm necklace or earings) would you?

Any feedback you could leave for me would be wonderful! Thanks!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

OK, wow! Long time since the last post :o) Though I have been posting a lot on my Live Journal. Maybe I should merge the two somehow....

Knitting: Finished Pat's sweater (photo coming)
Finished the Orange Socks (no photo yet)
Swatched for Knitting Olympics
Cast on for some Jaywalkers (failed to understand pattern, now I am knitting toeup)
Knit a small fuzzy baby hat that has small animal ears. It was to be a bunny, but the
ears came out too short and now it is an Arctic Fox :o)

Signed up for the Knitting Olympics in which I will knit a Baby Bunting. This is a challenge for me since I have never knit a button placket, let alone button holes, and it has a hood too :o) And it has these great built in slits for the car seat straps, very cool. The yarn I picked out is Patons Melody in Peacock (9742)and Racy Red(9705). I have enough to do two of them. One with a base of red with blue accent and one with a base of blue with red accent. It looks like I will have plenty of time to knit at least one (the challenge lasts for 16 days) and I will be in Arizona for a large chunk of that time. So I may even get some good "knitting on the road" shots to post :o) I hope to be able to upload photos from the road so you may be getting some "almost real time" stuff *grin*

Spinning: Tons and tons of spinning going on. Since January 1st I have spun, plied, washed, re-skeined and labeled 37 skeins of yarn! That's a lot of spinning :o) By the end of today I hope to add 4 more to that total. I'm really trying to get my stock built up for Maryland Which is only a few months away. Am I a little late in getting started? Yes. But I did not know if we were going to be accepted as vendors, so I did not want to build up stock if we were not going. Here are a two photos of what I have spun:

What I don't have photos of are the skeins of a pink/purple wool mohair that felts like a dream and some wool/mohair/silk that is all in fall tones :o) Right now I'm spinning up some green Romney and after that comes some purple/red Romney. Fun!

I hope to have more photos soon. See you later!!!