Saturday, August 06, 2005

Does this look familiar?

For those of you who live with a technophile, these photos will look very familiar.

So our receiver was dying. What is a receiver you ask? Well it is a large box full of wires that you plug many more other wires into. This large box then controls all the other large boxes with lights and wires that are hooked up to your TV. All these boxes full of wires seem to produce even more wires that need to be plugged into a power strip. And this is what you see when you look at our TV. WIRES!

I am so tired of wires. I tried wrapping them with fabric tubes specifically made to cover wires but my husband says that bundling all of those wires together puts weight on the connections and that is bad. So no nice looking fabric covers for me. They are very nice too! A deep wine color with matching snaps. Oh well.

On the plant and flower front, there is lots happening. On the back porch the citrus plants are thriving in the heat we have been having. Currently I have lemon, key lime, limequat, citromello, buddha's hand, and grapefruit. The lemon and grapefruit were started from seed and the rest came from Logees. Which is a super place to get plants. They have great service and pack their plants really well. I also have most of my orchid collection out on the porch in a shady corner so they can enjoy the heat and humidity. The few I have inside that are in bloom are these.

Most of the orchids outside have new growth on them and some have even produced little babies called keikis (kay kee) which is Hawaiian for "baby". They are cute little miniature plants that develop on the nodes of a flower stalk.

Not much new to report on the fiber front except that I finished the back of the rust colored sweater and started on one of the sleeves.

P.S. As you can see by the comments at the bottom of this post, my husband says I forgot to complain about the remote's. To that I will say; We have one UBER remote that controls most of the components. Other than that we only have the Tivo remote to contend with. I have no complaints about the remote situation in our house (o:

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hot as heck!

Wow it's hot! It reached 95 here in Woodbridge today. I went outside twice, once to drive hubby to the train and once to get the mail. The rest of the day was spent inside working on a russet sweater in Mission Falls 1824 superwash wool from Knit-A-Bit. The pattern is simple, called "The exception to the rule" from The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits. It's for a friend of mine named Pat who I have a bet with. He is trying to go a year without "talking smack" to anyone. He has done wonderfully so far, I have to remember to ask him what the day count is.

I recently clipped Stu the bunny, who's photo is at the top of this post. He is not speaking to me right now (o: It took me almost a week to get him totally trimmed, I was trying not to stress him out too much. I did it in stages, here is a photo of the halfway point. He looks like he is wearing a tutu!

And here he is basking in the sun coming through the back door. Bald and loving it!

I just started to spin his first clip but had to stop because it's so hot. Even with powder on my hands the fibers are sticking to me and getting all slimy. I would like to make a pair of the bunny slippers from Knit One Felt Too. They are called Bunny Hoppers and they are possibly the cutest things I have ever seen! Now, if I make them, we will have to make a baby to put in them (o:

Let's see, what else is going on? I have finished a bunch of projects that were UFO's in my basket. I don't like to seam/sew up things. In fact, I don't really like to sew at all. I like to knit with two needles but hate to sew with one, funny that!

I finished all these!

Scandinavian Stay up socks for baby from Patternworks. The pair on the far left is done in Debbie Bliss. The center pair is knit in my handspun yarn. The pair on the right is knit in Morehouse Merino. The mittens on the right are from a Morehouse Merino kit. I took some acrylic and leftover felt and made the pair on the left.

And finally, I finished two baby sweaters. The white one is for a friend who is expecting twins (the matching sweater is already wrapped) and the Yellow and green sweater is from the Debbie Bliss book Baby Knits. I found the cotton yarn in the sale bin at Knit-A-Bit and thought it would make a nice baby item.

I guess I have baby on the brain lately!