Friday, March 02, 2007

Adam here again...

First, thank you all so much for the congratulations and well wishes, both on LJ and via e-mail. I'd like to reply to everyone individually, but I find myself a little pressed for time. Please know that every message is appreciated, and I've been reading them all to Stacey (and the twins, of course).

Now, and update. We're still in the hospital (not unexpectedly). There's a chance we may go home today, but we're still waiting on various tests to come back. Nothing to worry about, everyone here is just super-cautious, especially where twins are concerned (which is fine by me). Add to that the fact that the nursery is packed (there were eleven deliveries here the day the twins arrived, and twice that since), and everything moves pretty slowly. Our room is comfortable, but we're looking forward to getting home. The doc continues to be delighted with Stacey's recovery. We took a long walk around the ward last night, and she took pride in lapping a few other moms. Competitive? My sweetie? I'm shocked. The feeding-every-three-hours-around-the-clock schedule is demanding, but we're holding up pretty well.

And now, you want the cute?

Well, you can't handle the cute!

Here are the kids with their paternal grandparents (Caleb on the left, Emma on the right). Even this pic doesn't give one a good sense of the difference in their size.

And here's Caleb giving his grandma the hairy eyeball.

Grandpa and Emma. We're still trying to figure out what color her eye are. I swear they look dark purple; I hope the resolve to Stacey's green.

Caleb modeling the latest in Made by Ewe knitwear. Mom is now accepting orders.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hey, everyone !

Adam here, posting to my sweetie's account. I suppose the speed with which our happy news spread shouldn't suprise me - I've even seen it posted to LJ (multiple times, even!). But now that I've got some time (and access to a desktop) it seems apporiate to post it here, too.

So, from Monday's headline:"As some of you may have heard, Stacey and I had a planned C-section, scheduled for this Friday March 2nd (which would have been 39 weeks). Well, turns out the kids had other plans, heralded by Stacey's water breaking at six this morning.

So, It gives my enormous pleasure to announce the (slighty premature) arrival of:

Caleb Danger Rothrock Steinfeld (7lbs., 9oz), and his sister,Emma Moxie Rothrock Steinfeld (4lbs., 14 oz).

The babies were delivered at 9:22 this morning [Feb. 26]; mother and kids are doing just fine."

And, since I shouldn't bring you here just to read the same old news, an update: I now realize it wasn't clear from my original message- Stacey in fact did have a C-section, we just had to move up the time table a bit. Stacey is recovering quickly; we've been moved from Labor and Delivery to Maternity, and she's already walking around. Both kids are excellent eaters, and have a great set of pipes. We can't wait for you to meet them. And now, what you've all been waiting for,

Mom and Emma

Emma (mostly) on her own

And here's Caleb, who's a bit camera-shy.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Almost a month to the day since my last post. I have been doing quick updates on my Live Journal but have not had the time for a real knitting/spinning/pregnancy/life post here on Blogger in a long time.

What's been going on? I borrowed a World War II era sock knitting machine from my friend Susan who is a very talented woman :o) So far I have cranked out (literally) 7 pairs of socks in a week and a half. A few of them will become slipper socks like these for my husband and maybe a few pairs for gifts. I have the leather soles that are lined with wool and just need to graft up the toes and sew on the soles. Using the sock knitting machine has been lots of fun, it really helps with my current need for projects that start and finish quickly. I have been feeling impatient and will pick up a project only to put it down after awhile and pick up another. I tried to do some spinning but found that I could not do that for long....I'm very restless :o) I have knocked out a bunch of little hats, socks and bibs as well as a few burp cloths and tiny garter stitch sweaters. Anything that is quick :o) I have been working on a bunting from Morehouse Merino...which does not seem to be on their site so I don't have a photo for you. I may order some more yarn in another color (The one I am knitting now is a soft green) and try to get another one done :o)

Babies....they are a'growin. The info below is from the scans done on October 13th.

First Bean A: They switched the A&B because the baby that is presenting (head down) is always called A (or so I am told). Bean A is currently head down, feet up and to my right side and facing my spine. The image is really good because Bean A is towards my bellybutton and easy to see. The mouth is open, nose, ear and lips are easy to see as is the spine. One arm is at the bottom of the photo laying along the length of the body and you can see fingers.

Bean B: Is laying head up, feet down facing my bellybutton under and to he left of Bean B is half covered by A right now. Feet are tucked up and over the belly. The dark spot in the middle is the stomach. Lips, nose and an ear are easy to see.

They are both doing well. A is slightly smaller than B but both are within normal limits. A is 15.2cm long and B is 16cm long, both measurments are from the crown of the head to the rump. During the scan I saw both of them lift tiny hands and suck their thumbs..but it was so fast the tech could not get a printout. They are both very active and I think B is going to be a scrapper...punching little fists and kicking little feet :o)

I am growing rapidly but not gaining weight...which my OB is happy about because I am overweight to begin with. I can feel them rolling over, poking me, kicking me.... last night it felt like popcorn going off in my belly :o) I sleep a great deal....sometimes just laying down on the couch at random points during the day. THings get done in the house in fits and starts but they get done. My husbands office has been moved to the smaller basement room and there is lovely soft new carpet for him to pace on :o) My father in law will be coming over next week to paint the nursery. We have picked a color from Waverly called Lemon for the top half of the walls. The bottom half will be done in waincoting in a creamy linnen. The trim and ceiling will also be linnen. The rug is a federal blue. We will paint the crib and twin bed the same linnen color and then do a antique wash to match the dresser. I have picked out a yellow and blue toile fabric for the room. It's coming together slowly...but we still have a little time yet :o)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just a short post today to RAVE about one of my former students.

Please go over and check out Jersey Knitter

Who won not one.....But TWO blue ribbons at the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival !

I am so very proud of her :o)

On another note...
I hit 15 weeks yesterday. Feeling fine except for a possible ear infection that I am fighting with all I've got and some pulling and stretching in my lower half as those little beans grow :o)

I should have knitting and spinning photos soon.
I am spinning some very fine merino for my Maryland stock, have 62 new drop spindles that just need hooks and signing, have knit 5 little baby hats and 4 pair of baby socks, 3 baby kimonos/two bibs/one burp cloth from Mason Dixon Knitting, and started a sweater from the Yarn Girls book for kids. I guess since I'm starting to slow down in my running around my knitting and spinning are picking up :o) My goal is to use up a lot of my yarn and fiber stash and be ready for Maryland before the beans arrive. Dad and I still plan on going even if we take the beans with us! So you will know it's us when you see two people with little babies strapped to their chests! I think he is more excited about spending the weekend with the babies than with me :oP

Monday, September 11, 2006

I have not posted here forever...there is a reason for that...

I'm pregnant.....with twins!!!

I'm 14 weeks today :o) The last ultrasound, which was last Saturday (the reason we could not go to Maine this past weekend) told us that The Beans (that's what we call them) are playing rock-em-sock-em robots in my belly!

The stats:
Bean A : 7.8cm long, heart rate 150
Bean B: 7.2cm long, heart rate 160

I don't want to jinx myself...but so far I have had a rather uneventful pregnancy. No sickness, one or two leg cramps, a few head achs.....I have just been very very tired. At the 12 week mark a big chunk of that tired went away and I seem to have a little energy back, but only a little. The only other thing I have been worried about is my lack of weight gain. The Beans are growing and I'm starting to get a noticeable bump, but to date I have gained 1/8 of a pound. I'm eating a sensible diet, I walk on the treadmill 30 min at least four times a week, and my eating is timed at about every 2-3 hours to keep a steady stream of nutrients going to the Beans. My doctor does not seem to be for now I will try not to either :o) It's just hard not to find something to think on.

We don't plan on finding out the gender of The Beans, which is a source of angst for some people :oP We may change our minds, we may not. This whole process is one of sitting back and letting things happen and both Adam and I are OK with that :o)

The thing we are getting questions about.....names. We are open to hearing suggestions :o) Maybe I will set up a poll and you all can vote on the ones you like.

We are taking steps towards turing Adam's office (the second bedroom upstairs) into a nursery. It looks like we might be going with colors similar to our living room (deep red and a rusty pumpkin orange) with accents in other deep primary tones. I really want to go with a scheme that that blends with the rest of our house.

So that's the scoop! I'm going to take a nap now :oP

Monday, May 15, 2006

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Report :o)

Well I'm finally able to sit down and take stock of how the weekend went :o) The short version : Dad and I had over 200 sales from Friday to Sunday, the booth looked good and we were well received!

Thursday night I went down to my parents house and dad and I finished packing the car and trailer. He was still finishing some bowls and toys and was up really late.

Friday: Dad and I got on the road early and arrived on site just before noon. It was hot and dry, so set up was slow going. Neither of us knew that the floor of the booth was packed earth so we had to improvise with a pair of drop cloths...not the best solution but next year we will have a rug or some astro-turf. We finished setting up late in the afternoon and the festival staff provided a light supper of cold cuts and salads, soda and cold beer. Just what we needed at the end of a long hot day :o) We were so tired that we were in bed by 8pm!

Saturday: Up by 6:30, breakfast at the hotel and onsite by 8:00. There were already people walking around and we had our first sale before the gates opened. Saturday was kind of a blur...I left the booth twice. Once to go get food and once to find a bathroom that did not have a 40 person line! Lucky for me I found the bathroom that had a "vendor only" stall. Dad did some sharpening and sold lots of bowls, cutting boards and toys. By the end of the day almost all of my dyed wool was gone and I had to move things about to fill holes. The festival people come around on Saturday and Sunday to check out your booth and make sure you have enough stock for the whole weekend. They are a nice group of women and I think they liked what we had :o) My biggest seller, by far, were the stitch markers (thank you Gail, Mercedes, Straya, and Emeline for helping me crank them out) By Sunday mid-day I had six left out of the 200 I brought! And the stitch marker jewelry sets were a big hit too. I would have liked to sell more yarn but I think my prices for handspun were a bit too high. It's hard....I don't want to charge too much but at the same time I can't put the prices too low and loose money.

Sunday: We were up early again and had breakfast onsite. A baked egg and cheese dish, potatoes, fruit, fresh corn muffins....lots of good stuff :o) Sunday was much slower and more relaxed. By noon the place was hopping and sales were up again. By 5:30pm the place had just about cleared out and we began to pack up. We were on the road by 7:00pm and home (to my parents) by 10:30pm. I stayed over because I was exhausted and it was too late to unpack the trailer.

Monday: Dad and I unpacked the trailer, counted up the money and receipts, and payed the taxes we collected. I hit the road around noon and that was the end of my very long weekend :o)I made very few purchases, I really had no time! I bought two fleeces, one white and one black Border Leciester. They are super clean and I may just spin them in the grease. Dad got Adam a huge bag of kettle corn and I brought home a new bunny. I was finally able to pick one up without crying and this one is such a snuggler. Adam came up with the name Gossamer which is perfect in so many ways!

A few Booth photos can be found here: They were taken on Sunday because I forgot to take any on Saturday :o) The booth doesn't look quite as good as it did the first day.

On May 23rd I begin teaching a series of spinning classes at Modern Yarn in Montclair NJ. I'm really excited about being invited to teach at their store and hope to see some of you there :o)

I have also been updating my website. Post Maryland it is a bit empty, but I have new fibers coming soon and just cranked out new sock yarn bundles. Please check back later this week for new items!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last night Gail, Cathy and I went to see The Yarn Harlot (aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) at the Rutherford Library here in NJ. She was funny and talked about things that are so true in my life. The whole thing about non-knitters (muggles) not understanding our fascination with all things fiber and the description of "the look" that we close to home :o) We laughed and knit (I spun) and we talked with other knitters and bought her new book and I got my photo taken with her sock (you have to read her Blog to understand why this thrills me) and I brought her gifts!!! I gifted her with some of my hand dyed, handspun and a drop spindle with a fall leaf on it. She seemed to be thrilled. I say seemed, because I try not to over estimate how people react to my gifts, I don't want to presume too much. She said how she was missing having a spindle with her and she got all wide eyed at the yarn. Who am I kidding! SHe liked them :o) She was just wonderful. A truly sweet sweet woman.

Look Photos! I know you only come here for the photos ;oP

Stephanie taking photos of us

Stephanie talking :o)

See Stephanie! You don't look all demonic in this photo....quite authorly (is that even a word?)

I finally met Mary Beth Temple of the Blog We live in the same would think we may have run into each other at some point..but sadly no. She and I have exchanged comments and it was cool to put a face to a name. She had on her lovely Clap (great choice BTW) and we chatted a bit. After, we stopped at an ice cream place and got all sugared up and came home and weirded Adam out for a bit. Then everyone went home.

When it rains it pours! Today, when I got back from dropping Adam of at the train I found the masons here at the house checking out my front stoop. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! They are right this very minute pounding the old concrete and brick into little pieces and hauling it away!! Why am I so excited? Why does this make me happy? Because I have been fixing, patching and masking the holes in my front stoop with plants for years now....and I'm getting a new one!!! YIPPPPPPPEEEEEE! The down side is that there is lots of power tools going, making sparks and I had to dig up half of my late blooming tulips so that they would not step on them...most have already started to grow flower heads, they may not survive the move and re-plant, but I will try. There is much banging and thudding and the cats have gone to the basement to hide from the attack upon the house. Hazel looked at me as if to say "Sweet Jesus! What the Hell!" and ran, with his tail straight up in the air, down the stairs.If you have any interest in what was found under the stairs when they got the top layer off, take a look at these photos. It's a wonder the thing was standing up at all. The cinder blocks that form the base are a crumbled black mess and I think if the guys pushed gently with the pry bar the whole thing tumbled over. Kinda scary.

On another house related note...I had a sign on the front of my unit that said "609-615" with an arrow pointing away from my unit. This sign was misleading to people (cab drivers, ambulance, police, fire) and I had asked last year if it could be moved. I asked when I was on the board if it could be moved. Finally today it was moved to a place on the building where it makes sense...another YAY I say!!!

I am now going to go make Charosis and spiced nuts for Passover tomorrow. MMMMMMM spiced nuts :o)