Friday, August 12, 2005

So many links so little time!

So I have found a designer that I am in love with, Hanne Falkenberg. My favorite design is this one. I can't wait to make it! With my hips being curvaceous (like hips are supposed to be) I think that the lines of this jacket would be super. There is only one US dealer, in North Carolina and they only have a phone number (no website).

Another designer (new to me) is Vivian Hoxbro. I like the bumblebee sweater and jacket. But I'm not sure how they would look on my buxom chest. Trip-Trap is nice too and might look good on me, vertical stripes are your friend!

I love the cushions created by Debbie Abrahams. The prices are too steep for me but they are nice to look at. She designs for Rowan and, in general, I find Rowan too expensive for me. She has really nice buttons too!

Yet another new find for me is KnitWhits and their cat toys. The bluebell hat is SO cute and I have to make one. It even comes in adult sizes! Want Want Want!!!

And finally I leave you with this...

I love you rock.

Monday, August 08, 2005

So I thought I would introduce you to two other members of our family. We have:

Macy, shown here guarding a ball of red yarn. Don't laugh! You never know when a ball of yarn will go wrong (o:

Hazel, our oldest, doing cat aerobics. Actually, he is stuck to the rug by his claws, but refused to let me pry his claws out of the carpet. You should know that Hazel HATES getting his claws clipped. He would rather stick to every soft surface in our house. Which he does, until Adam holds him and I clip.

Hazel helping me wind large amounts of chunky yarn into balls.

And finally a very young Macy in a Halloween pumpkin.

They are cute, eat us out of house and home, and are scared of Stu the bunny. But that's ok, we love them!