Monday, August 08, 2005

So I thought I would introduce you to two other members of our family. We have:

Macy, shown here guarding a ball of red yarn. Don't laugh! You never know when a ball of yarn will go wrong (o:

Hazel, our oldest, doing cat aerobics. Actually, he is stuck to the rug by his claws, but refused to let me pry his claws out of the carpet. You should know that Hazel HATES getting his claws clipped. He would rather stick to every soft surface in our house. Which he does, until Adam holds him and I clip.

Hazel helping me wind large amounts of chunky yarn into balls.

And finally a very young Macy in a Halloween pumpkin.

They are cute, eat us out of house and home, and are scared of Stu the bunny. But that's ok, we love them!


At Tuesday, August 09, 2005 9:14:00 AM, Anonymous Sydney said...

I like your blog. Your cats look just as helpful as my cat and ferrets. LOL! We have the wire problem here too. It's a rats nest of wires behind the TV and stereo. Luckily they are mostly hidden from view but the ferrets love playing in them and eventually pull one out. Then we're left wondering what happened to the TV.


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