Friday, December 09, 2005


We woke up to this:

Lots of crispy wet snow. Got the husband off to work, trains were slow but working. He looked so cute in his matching hat and scarf :o)

Now, photos as promised!!!

Look, Fuzzy Feet! I used a chunkier yarn than the pattern called for (because it was all I had and wanted to cast on) They are a bit big on my size 9.5's but I like them :o) It took 1 1/2 skeins of Burlyspun and three trips through the washer. It's my first turned heel and first top down construction. What would you think about some embroidery or needle felting?

Pat sweater....DONE!!! It's just lovely and I am very proud of the V neck (again, another first)

Stu got a haircut...he looks a lot smaller. The first photo is about halfway through the process. He gets a bit agitated and needs a break. So I go get a drink and he gets some kale. Kinda looks like he has a skirt :o) The second photo is when it's all done. We are getting better at it with each clip, I'm getting faster and he is becoming more relaxed. His little bunny cage rug does need to be vacuumed....but I did not do it until all was done and I could suck up all the little bits of wool :o)

Orchids!! A few new ones are open:

I celebrated the finishing of Pats sweater with a pair of handwarmers. Just made a rectangle with a little ribbing on the top and bottom and sewed them up with a hole for the thumb. I used some Manos that the hubby bought for me on a business trip. I like them but with the cold we have been having they really need fingers in order to be warm :o) My hands are toasty but the fingers are chilly!

I do not have a photo of the hat I made for Adam. It is my own pattern which I will publish soon. I will call it "A Simple Hat Knit Flat" It's a great pattern for handspun. I promise a photo soon :o)

I also got my last SP6 gift box from my super-de-duper Secret Pal! Christmas balls filled with fiber (she says that I can take it out with a cro-hook...but I'm conflicted..they are so pretty) A cute reindeer ornament with swinging legs. Yummy shortbread cookies (not pictured because the hubby confiscated them :o) Three packages that I am not to open till the holidays (ack! You mean I have to wait???) A baggie of medieval spices (will be taking those to Pennsic to try some campfire cooking) and a puzzle. I was not going to put the puzzle together right away until Adam looked at it closely and saw that there was writing on the back. So we set to it right away and found a message! What a creative way to do a reveal. I took a photo of it....but not a good one.

So who is my Secret Pal you ask????? Well it's Tahlia ! She is very cool and you should go check her out. Thank you Tahlia, for all your effort and care. You truly made me feel special. :o)