Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!!!

I was so very down today. Not feeling too well, missing Stu... and then I go out to get the mail.

There is a box

The box says it is from my Secret Pal

I open the box and first I see this

And then out comes all of this!!!

Lookie!!! Fiber!!!! Beautiful orange/pinky/yellow fiber from Dea Terra Creations, Some fuzzy black/brown yummy fiber, a big ball of blue/purple/green/pink fiber, a ball of recycled sari silk yarn, a bright pink bandana, a big ball of thick/thin yarn in blue/pink/purple, Pucca!!!! Lots and lots of Pucca (stickers, hard case perfect for knitting notions, wipes for my bag, a cell phone charm, and a bag hanger) She also sent me some really cool flavored KitKat bars. As far as I can tell they are Milk Shake, Green Tea, Strawberry and maybe Jasmine...I say maybe because it has flowers all over it, but the package is not in English :o) She also included a lovely card covered with more Pucca stickers! She must have had so much fun making this up...I know I had fun opening it!!
That not so small black fuzzy rump on the right is Macy....she refused to give up her spot so I could take a photo :o)

I am truly floored and feel very lucky to have such a wonderful Secret Pal :o) We have been exchanging emails and she knows about and has friends in the SCA, we may have even crossed paths at one point at an event called Mudthaw.

Thanks for making my day!

On the Knitting Olympics front I am plugging along. I had planned on doing the bunting and hat only but now I may get a few UFO's done as well :o) This is what I have done so far:

The Baby Bunting: It looks big, but the pattern says that it will fit a child age 6 to 9 months. I just need some buttons. It is very red! The hole below the button band is for the car seat strap and goes all the way through. I made the edge of the hole blue so it would be easy to see.

I also made this hat, a bunny hat, in honor of Stu.