Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ah sweet success!

Pat's sweater is finished but for a little weaving in of ends. It is beautiful and I plan on photographing him wearing it for my scrapbook. I could very easily weave in the ends today block it a bit more and put it away till Saturday January 28th when the bet is over, but I don't seem to want to touch it. Dunno, it may be a case of "Deny thyself chocolate till you finish the project" Which could be good motivation since it is that time of the month :o)

I have not touched the orange knee socks. Nuff said.

I have cast on some Brown Sheep Burlyspun in Amethyst for a pair of Fuzzy Feet. I like the whole Knit Along thing and want to be able to post my progress and completed slippers on the site. Corny? Nahhhh!

I am also about to cast on for a pair of Jaywalkers. I think I will use some Socks that Rock in an orange and black color way called Rocky Horror (color is about half way down the page). If that does not move me then I will dig out some handspun and give that a try.

I am also working on a new hat for the husband. A pattern I have been kicking about in my brain for awhile, A basic hat knit flat with one seam up the back. It is coming along slowly, knit in handspun merino/silk on size 5 needles. I keep having to stop to write down what I'm doing and making sure what I'm doing is going to work. I got a few inches done in the OBGYN office yesterday while they were trying to find some of my paperwork. Even though the yarn is on the thin side it will be a heavy hat, not thick but still warm. The cool thing is that the fiber that I spun for this was black merino and pure white silk kind of semi blended so there were still larges chunks of each individual fiber. So you get this semi heathered look and the shine of silk pops through every so often. He already has a scarf out of this....a very loooong scarf that I crocheted last year and I may even have enough left over for a pair of fingerless gloves. I got a ton of yardage out of this small 8oz bag because I spun up singles and then plied those with a thin cotton crochet thread. It worked! I love this yarn and will be sad when it is all used up :o(

To celebrate the finish of Pat's sweater I whipped up a pair of acid green fingerless mitts during a session of D&D at a friends house.

I will post photos later of all the new projects.

OH! And I got a new orchid Wils. Golden Afternoon This link has a good photo of the flowers that my plant is producing right now. 8 flowers open and 35-40 buds, plus another 6 inches of undeveloped spike that the little plant is still working on. AMAZING!

With the good must come the bad....I had a four jars of canned apple pie filling go bad. Don't know what happened just yet, but it has never happened before. Threw them out and no one got sick, but it is sad. Lot's of work down the drain and no pie to eat. Ah well.....I will try again next year.