Friday, March 02, 2007

Adam here again...

First, thank you all so much for the congratulations and well wishes, both on LJ and via e-mail. I'd like to reply to everyone individually, but I find myself a little pressed for time. Please know that every message is appreciated, and I've been reading them all to Stacey (and the twins, of course).

Now, and update. We're still in the hospital (not unexpectedly). There's a chance we may go home today, but we're still waiting on various tests to come back. Nothing to worry about, everyone here is just super-cautious, especially where twins are concerned (which is fine by me). Add to that the fact that the nursery is packed (there were eleven deliveries here the day the twins arrived, and twice that since), and everything moves pretty slowly. Our room is comfortable, but we're looking forward to getting home. The doc continues to be delighted with Stacey's recovery. We took a long walk around the ward last night, and she took pride in lapping a few other moms. Competitive? My sweetie? I'm shocked. The feeding-every-three-hours-around-the-clock schedule is demanding, but we're holding up pretty well.

And now, you want the cute?

Well, you can't handle the cute!

Here are the kids with their paternal grandparents (Caleb on the left, Emma on the right). Even this pic doesn't give one a good sense of the difference in their size.

And here's Caleb giving his grandma the hairy eyeball.

Grandpa and Emma. We're still trying to figure out what color her eye are. I swear they look dark purple; I hope the resolve to Stacey's green.

Caleb modeling the latest in Made by Ewe knitwear. Mom is now accepting orders.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hey, everyone !

Adam here, posting to my sweetie's account. I suppose the speed with which our happy news spread shouldn't suprise me - I've even seen it posted to LJ (multiple times, even!). But now that I've got some time (and access to a desktop) it seems apporiate to post it here, too.

So, from Monday's headline:"As some of you may have heard, Stacey and I had a planned C-section, scheduled for this Friday March 2nd (which would have been 39 weeks). Well, turns out the kids had other plans, heralded by Stacey's water breaking at six this morning.

So, It gives my enormous pleasure to announce the (slighty premature) arrival of:

Caleb Danger Rothrock Steinfeld (7lbs., 9oz), and his sister,Emma Moxie Rothrock Steinfeld (4lbs., 14 oz).

The babies were delivered at 9:22 this morning [Feb. 26]; mother and kids are doing just fine."

And, since I shouldn't bring you here just to read the same old news, an update: I now realize it wasn't clear from my original message- Stacey in fact did have a C-section, we just had to move up the time table a bit. Stacey is recovering quickly; we've been moved from Labor and Delivery to Maternity, and she's already walking around. Both kids are excellent eaters, and have a great set of pipes. We can't wait for you to meet them. And now, what you've all been waiting for,

Mom and Emma

Emma (mostly) on her own

And here's Caleb, who's a bit camera-shy.