Sunday, February 05, 2006

OK, wow! Long time since the last post :o) Though I have been posting a lot on my Live Journal. Maybe I should merge the two somehow....

Knitting: Finished Pat's sweater (photo coming)
Finished the Orange Socks (no photo yet)
Swatched for Knitting Olympics
Cast on for some Jaywalkers (failed to understand pattern, now I am knitting toeup)
Knit a small fuzzy baby hat that has small animal ears. It was to be a bunny, but the
ears came out too short and now it is an Arctic Fox :o)

Signed up for the Knitting Olympics in which I will knit a Baby Bunting. This is a challenge for me since I have never knit a button placket, let alone button holes, and it has a hood too :o) And it has these great built in slits for the car seat straps, very cool. The yarn I picked out is Patons Melody in Peacock (9742)and Racy Red(9705). I have enough to do two of them. One with a base of red with blue accent and one with a base of blue with red accent. It looks like I will have plenty of time to knit at least one (the challenge lasts for 16 days) and I will be in Arizona for a large chunk of that time. So I may even get some good "knitting on the road" shots to post :o) I hope to be able to upload photos from the road so you may be getting some "almost real time" stuff *grin*

Spinning: Tons and tons of spinning going on. Since January 1st I have spun, plied, washed, re-skeined and labeled 37 skeins of yarn! That's a lot of spinning :o) By the end of today I hope to add 4 more to that total. I'm really trying to get my stock built up for Maryland Which is only a few months away. Am I a little late in getting started? Yes. But I did not know if we were going to be accepted as vendors, so I did not want to build up stock if we were not going. Here are a two photos of what I have spun:

What I don't have photos of are the skeins of a pink/purple wool mohair that felts like a dream and some wool/mohair/silk that is all in fall tones :o) Right now I'm spinning up some green Romney and after that comes some purple/red Romney. Fun!

I hope to have more photos soon. See you later!!!


At Saturday, February 11, 2006 8:26:00 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

A thought on how to merge the two blogs: add a link to your other blog on the sidebar.


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