Friday, October 21, 2005

Look I got stuff!

I got this from my friend Malcolm (you know me too well!)Thanks for returning my blue cooking pot :o)

I got this from my Secret Pal. She went to a Ren Fair in California and thought of me, so sweet! It's an S with a ball of yarn. She watched them make it at the fair, so cool. She also wrote me a letter. It has been ages since I have recieved a letter on paper, through the mail :o) My Secret Pal is the BEST!

And last but not least here is bunny. He is done and I am proud of him :o) The yarn in his ears is leftover from a pair of socks I made and the little scarf is yarn reclaimed from a thrift store sweater. One down and three more projects to go till I can start anything new. The last three are: Pats sweater, my handspun knee socks, and a pair of cashmere baby socks. I was tired of looking at all these in my bag and so I vowed to finish them up before I started anything new. Sigh....the new yarn is calling to me :o) Must make hats and cute things.


At Friday, October 21, 2005 11:43:00 AM, Anonymous Malcolm said...

Sorry I took so long to get the pot back to you! Glad you liked the sticker - I just HAD to get it for you when I saw it! :-)

Love the stuffed bunny!


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